“Just completed the intermediate course with Clive and have thoroughly enjoyed every session. The course has not only improved my skills but it’s also improved my confidence and helped me to enjoy what this little instrument has to offer . Working in a small group brought an added bonus , we had a laugh and supported each other . If anyone out there is pondering about improving their ukulele skills …then give this course a go.”

Pat Rice


“I truly enjoyed the experience and learned a lot! Thank you for your patience, support and constructive feedback.”

Maria Tavares


“I found the course brilliant and maybe more importantly, fun. While I am not sure of my own ability I know that I am improving, so keep up the excellent work.”

Bill Peters


“I’ve had great fun at our lessons and love practising the ukulele.”

Jodie Brady


“I’ve had the pleasure of playing the Uke with a great bunch people. Clive, thanks for your patience, you’re always positive and encouraging. Anyone thinking about playing the uke, should, and I would definitely recommend Clive as a tutor. Looking forward to the next course.”

Vicki Christie


“I have enjoyed the course immensely and your patience & understanding have been a great help to me.  My understanding & technique of the ukulele has greatly improved since I started the course, and I look forward to the advanced class. May I also add that you have encouraged the camaraderie within the group which we have all enjoyed and had some fun along the way.”

Kevin Coakley


“Clive, I won’t spare your blushes and say that you are far and away the best tutor I’ve had for all my instruments, the piano (as a youngster), trombone and now ukulele. Where you get the patience to deal with someone like me, who is forever making the same mistake is quite beyond me. In time under your tuition I might become a competent player, but I don’t see me ever having the calm, unruffled patience to teach.”

Ian Deane


“I think we have come on as a group and in terms of performance of pieces ; we have advanced a great deal.In terms of things like timing and other nuances; there is a noticeable improvement in my playing.”

Dave Powell


“I have never played a musical instrument before, and after seeing local ukulele players I decided to find a class. I found Clive’s beginners class online, and arranged a 10 week course. There is no way that I would have learned as much as I have, had I just tried on my own. The beginners group is friendly and we all get on well, Clive gives us lots of handy hints and encouragement. Myself and the others have carried on and I am thoroughly enjoying learning.”

Mark Riley


“Clive is a great tutor, patient, encouraging, relaxed and most importantly fun. We’ve learned lots of chords, styles and rhythms, feel like we are making progress and greatly enjoy Monday nights relaxed classes. Highly recommended!”

Meryl & Paul Chard


“I am loving playing the ukulele and can’t recommend Clive and Wirral Ukulele Club highly enough! The classes are great fun and always challenge you to improve, no matter what level you are at. There is no pressure, just a very supportive atmosphere to encourage you to enjoy playing the instrument and improve your playing. So whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced, Clive will find the right class for you and help you get the most from your playing. Get in touch today – you won’t regret it”

Jacqui Barry


“I started the Beginners course in January this year and have really enjoyed the lessons. After only a few weeks I find that I can play several songs on the ukulele. It is fun playing with a small group of people and I find it more rewarding than learning from a book or the internet. Clive’s approach is relaxed and stress free. It is ok to make mistakes since Clive is very gentle and patient! He is very encouraging and this really helps you to develop confidence. Clive’s passion for the ukulele comes across in the sessions and this inspires me to keep practicing and continue to make progress.

I would the recommend the Beginners course to anyone interested in starting to play the ukulele.”

Julie May


“Though at varying stages of ability Bryan and I both thoroughly enjoy our sessions with you and the rest of the group.

What you teach us is a skill to advance our independent Uke playing whilst reminding us  what we need to think about when playing as a group.

This is not just a “sit and strum” session – it’s a “strum” “pick” “block” “don’t play at all – but sing” session working with barr and open chords.

So much to take on board but so much fun.  Can Highly recommend you as a tutor to anyone wanting to learn Uke.”

Elaine & Bryan Parsonage


“Clive the Magic Man

My wife bought me a uke for Christmas and I joined Clive’s class in January.

I’m really loving the lessons.

Clive is a magic man because after just a few classes, he has taught me how to strum a couple of tunes. I have no musical ability so that really is magic!

Clive teaches in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is very supportive of the pupils.

Keep up the great work Clive, by this time next year I could be the new George Formby”

Terence Jones


“Clive has given me a new dimension to my life, one that I never thought was possible. If he can teach me, he can teach anyone.”

Len Griffin


“When I joined I was an absolute beginner with no musical ability whatsoever

Clive is a great teacher I’ve learnt so much in such a short space of time I look forward to classes every week.”

Laura Griffin


“Just a few words about Clive as a uke teacher…

Clive clearly has enormous patience for which I am personally grateful.

He  always involves the group in the session and constantly but gently pushes the group and individuals along towards being a better players. The importance of group practice/sessions can’t be overestimated. Just playing the same stuff at home will not develop the skills of playing with other musicians. Clive provides that comfortable balance of fun and learning that keeps him busy !

Thanks for your encouragement and all that patience.”

Robin Selby


“When I decided to take up the ukulele I decided to look for some tuition and came across the Wirral Ukulele Club which is run by Clive Byron.  I have not regretted turning up as a complete novice encouraged by Clive one Tuesday evening at Charlotte’s Brightside Commuity Centre in New Brighton.

Not only is Clive highly knowledgeable, having spent a lifetime in the music industry, he has a natural talent for bringing his students on with continual support and attention to detail. The concept of tuition as part of a group enables us to support one another.

Now some 6 months on I still look forward to my Tuesday outings and have, without doubt, improved my musical ability with the Ukulele.”

Roger Drake


“I have been having Ukelele Lessons for about 13 weeks now and already I have gained the confidence to play alongside strangers in a group while on holiday and have also been known to do the odd performance, something I have not been able to do with other instruments after years of lessons.

Clive explains things very well and is very encouraging and patient, being a performer himself, he is able to give hints and tips that some other teachers cannot.

Clive has told me things about playing that I wish I had known when I first started learning an instrument at the age of 12.”

Val Buhagiar


“Thanks Clive for your help & tuition. Since coming to your sessions over the past 12 months I feel I have improved my technique and knowledge. The sessions are enjoyable, good fun and instructive.”



“I am nearing the end of my first 10-week set of lessons in the advanced group. I have certainly learnt a lot in that short space of time. Clive runs a fun and informal group but works us hard to strive for continuous improvement.

The music we play is varied and challenging and I always look forward to our Tuesday night sessions, which nearly always over-run. Any later and I’m going to start bringing my cornflakes!

Many Thanks Clive.”

Robert Jones


“Lovely relaxed atmosphere , with very pleasant beginners, all very keen and friendly.

Clive is very good and very patient demonstrating all of the various chords, with lots of handouts. I look forward to my Musical Thursday evenings eager to improve my ukulele abilities. Great fun”

Jim Gillbanks


 “In my experience as a beginner ukulele player, I have found Clive Byron to be extremely efficient and professional in his tutoring of the ukulele.

His classes, have a warm and friendly ambience and we enjoy singing along whilst learning to play.  I would highly recommend Clive for your tuition.”



“Clive is an excellent ukulele player and teacher and has a great knowledge of what songs sound good on Ukulele and how to play them in varying styles.

The classes are always relaxed and fun and Clive patiently encourages everyone to play to the best of their abilities. Each lesson is different as we look at different songs and techniques each week – great fun for anyone interested in Ukulele you won`t regret it!”

David Dodgeson