Wirral Ukulele Group Courses

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Most people start on the Beginners course and progress into either our Jam Night or Advanced class.

Jam Night is for those who are happy with a few chords and just want to play simple songs with a ukulele group.  There is no tuition on Jam Night, we just blast through one song after another.

The Advanced class is for those who wish to take their playing to a much higher level than a few simple chords and would like a more challenging environment.  This involves: more complex chord progressions, time keeping, picking, and advanced strumming patterns.


NEW: Weekday Daytime Sessions: Contact for more details

The Beginner’s class: Thursday evening 8.05 – 9.30 (please don’t arrive earlier than 8.05 as there is a meditation class that precedes us)

Jam Night: Monday evening 8-9.30

The Advanced class is on Tuesday evening  8 – 9.30

Call Clive on 0785 32 888090 or email: enquiries@wirralukuleleclub.com

Fees for Jam Night are £3 per-session

Fees for the Beginner’s class and Advanced class are £60 in advance for 10 weeks (£6 per-lesson) or you can pay per-lesson at £8.

NB if you pay the £60 in advance and can’t attend for any of the evenings then you are not credited for non attendance.

Private tuition is also available at £20 per-hour

For Full Details of Private Tuiton Click Here

As you can see from the video above, learning to play an instrument is extremely beneficial for your brain.  That said, I have always found music to be a place of refuge, and of considerable therapeutic value.  Should you decide to play an instrument I would advise that there is no end game.  There will never be a point in which there is no more to learn.  There will be times when this may frustrate you, but really, that is the greatest joy.  Of all the people that I have taught music to over the years, never did I ever hear anyone say ‘I wish I hadn’t learned to play!’